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If you have complex lending needs, we have a strategy!

What is complex lending?

Loan applications are typically approved according to stringent criteria, but what is known as complex lending requires a more flexible approach.

When lenders consider a loan application, they follow a set of boxes to tick which determine whether the application is declined or approved. The application process can be more complicated when businesses are involved, like partnerships or multiple properties and intricate income. It can take a lot more time and paperwork with complex lending; therefore, experienced, specialized lending professionals should help.

Lafin Group has over 5 years of experience, and we understand complex lending needs and have the best contacts when finding an alternative lender for non-standard loan applications. We can source loans from lenders who are used to assessing loan applications on a case-by-case rather than following strict guidelines.

Complex loan structuring

When you have a straightforward loan and contact a mortgage broker, you will often receive a loan quote immediately, suppose you reach out to multiple different brokers. In that case, you will quickly receive similar quotes from each person you speak with, and this is because they have the same loan products and financial institute relationships. It is easy to assume that there is little to no variation or flexibility with the finance options.

At Lafin Group, we completely understand that the proper structure for your colleagues and friends may not be best suited for your financial situations, needs and wants.

Our team takes every step possible to get to know and understand your financial needs, goals and plans before we work on a strategy and quote loan terms. This involves working closely with you to gather the essential details needed so we can provide an effective loan structure. With our focus and knowledge of complex lending structures, we can present you with a unique structure that is suitable for your goals and circumstances.

For example, suppose you are a self-employed individual selling your existing home, purchasing a larger home, and requiring a bridging loan. Your financing needs are more complicated than a straightforward borrower. While we focus on helping you set up finance that gets you your dream property, our focus is equally on setting up a structure that enables you to achieve your financial goals.

Reasons you might need complex lending include

  • Bad Credit File
  • Poor home loan repayment history
  • Self-employed – unable to show history
  • A smaller deposit then required
  • Complicated business set-up
  • Needing cash flow for your business
  • A shortfall in property purchase
  • Marital separation or multiple borrowers
  • Complex debt consolidation
  • Pushback from banks and other lenders
  • A trust structure
  • Working in a high-risk industry